Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lovin Spray Paint

I love, love, love this spray paint!!! It has texture to it that makes anything look like wrought iron. I think it is amazing what they have done with spray paint these days!

I had this metal basket and it was a cream color and didn't go very well with my decor. I unfortunately forgot to take a before picture. I am so sorry about that. I love to see the before and afters. I had considered putting it in a rummage sale and then remembered this spray paint. I have used it before and loved the results.

I then went to Hobby Lobby and bought some artichokes on sale 1/2 price and filled it up!

I love the way it turned out and have it currently resting on my dining room table. I am not sure where it will eventually end up, but for now, I like it here. The next basket is another one I painted quite some time back. I filled it with fruit and it sits behind my corner sink.

I am now looking for other things to spray! I am having so much fun with this paint!!!

Hope you guys are having a great day!!

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  1. Hi Paula, yes, that is Susan Pruitt. It IS a small world. She was one of my good friends in highschool and remain friends. Lily has Zelwiggers disease. It is VERY rare...both parents have to carry the jean to pass it on. They had no clue anything was wrong until she was born. So sad!! It just breaks my heart.

    Do you live in Fort Smith? I'm in Van Buren. Thanks for following my blog...glad you got some ideas for your tree! Kristen