Monday, November 16, 2009

Going, going, almost gone!

This is the last of my fall pictures. They will not be around long. I am so anxious to decorate for Christmas! I plan on at least getting my tree put up this weekend, hopefully decorated but I doubt it. I decorated 2 Christmas trees this last weekend, one for my mom and her friend. I will have pictures of my mom's tree soon but I forgot to take my camera to her friends. This weekend is the opening of the movie New Moon which my son is dying to see so I know that is in the forecast for this weekend. I have to make time for family since I spent all last weekend working on trees for everyone else.
This is a closeup view of my piesafe that is in my breakfast nook.

A little fall in my china cabinet ......

and a little fall in my great room over my entertainment center.

Hope everyone has had a Safe and Happy Fall!


  1. When you start decorating for Christmas I hope you will join the Deck the Halls party at my place!

  2. Very pretty- that looks like a Longaberger basket :)! We have similar tastes.